The ancient temple of Lord Lakshmi Narashimha was managed by BOKKISHAM family till 19th Century. The male members of this traditional family are called as BOKKISHATHAR. They are considered as first Archagas (Main Priest) of the temple.

The senior most member of this family was considered as supreme authority for the temple operations. Apart from the normal temple management, they hosted all the festivals and acted as treasurers’ of the Precious Jewelries.

The supreme power of the BOKKISHTHAR is evidenced by the Sasanam (Written statement) in Cooper plate given by the Mysore Maharajas - Mysore Kingdom.

Nayakkar Kings of Vijaya Nagara Kigndom has renovated the main temple during their period. BOKKISHAM brothers were given authority to execute the above renovation, which took years together to complete.

As kind of respect by the Vijaya Nagara Kingdom for the service being rendered by BOKKISHATHAR, the Kings have named the Mandapam, which is in front of the Lakshminarashimar, as BOKKISHTHAR MANDAPAM and placed BOKKISHAM brother’s statue on the right side of the above Mandapam.

Bokkishathar abishegam is being offered to:

• Goddess Namagiri Thayar on Thiru Aadi Pooram Utsavam (Birth day of Goddess Namagiri Thayar) and first two days of Navarathiri Utsavam.
• Goddess Renganayaki thayar on the first day of Navarathiri Utsavam.
• God Ugra Narashimar on Narashimha Jayanthi.

For the honorable service being rendered by the Bokkishathar family, they have been given special privilege of:

• Offering Seer (Traditional items for marriage) to Lakshminarashimha Swamy Thirukalyanam during Bramotsavam and other kalyana utsavams.
• Prathanam and other Kumbam Purappadu (taking prathana kumbam to the temple) at the time of Kumbabhishekam and other Utsavams.

Further to the above, they have been offered first theertham and prasatham at all utsavams and special events. All the Utsavams (festivals) of the temple are being are executed by the Bokkishathar till this date.

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